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     Founded in 1998,ZHONGPIN mainly produce hardware tools. “Build national industry” and “Undertake social responsibility” are two missions of the company when founded. After 10 years’hardworking,ZHONGPIN people have already turned a family enterprise into a medium-sized corporation, which posses more than 200 workers, about 40 of them are skilled. TIANLI spend heavily bringing in experienced workers and advanced equipment, thus, the degree of automation has reached international level, the quality of the products is on the top among the same industry. ZHONGPIN people work hard to create its own culture, improve management. Everyone becomes host of the company and take company’s development as his own business.. Now, ZHONGPIN is stepping forward to embrace greater prosperity.

● Mission  
     Build national industry &Undertake social responsibility 
The achievement of our dream result from practice, TIANLI will go along with customers, employers and the society, growing together,continue to innovate, struggle for better material & spiritual life.
● Ambition
     Create high quality hardware tools& Return the society with credit and quality
● Core value
     Honest career / continuous innovation / people-oriented /  Harmonious development /
    1) Honest career 
     Honest is the conduct of the business, reliable foundation and treasure of development. ZHONGPIN is honest to customers, workers, governments as well as the society.
     2)Continuous innovation 
     Innovation is the soul of progress, the power of career advancement. ZHONGPIN devote itself to management & technology innovation.
     3) People-oriented 
     People-oriented is the key to success. ZHONGPIN put all the employers’ interests to the first, fully mobilize their subjective initiative, establish spirit of cooperation.
     4) Harmonious development
     Structure a harmonious environment both in and out of the company,.
● Developing orientation
     Produce high quality hardware tools & Strive for famous brands.

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